Water will find its way past roofs, walls, doors, and cracks, to get to its final resting place – where it will almost certainly wreak havoc. And the part of the structure usually sustaining the most damage? The floor.

It’s a looming threat to almost any building, especially those that may be a little past their prime, but a truly terrible reality for owners of a beautiful hardwood gym. We’ve witnessed first-hand how water problems in a building can render a finely crafted hardwood floor completely unrepairable in a matter of hours.

Fortunately there are options, including the many different types of athletic flooring systems from Connor Sports that we offer here at Sport Court of Kentucky.

Arcade Baptist Church, in Louisville, KY, is a perfect example. The patrons of their athletic facility arrived one morning to find a plumbing leak had all but destroyed the hardwood floor. It was a devastating experience, and one they would rather not repeat. So, going forward, the congregation knew they needed a flooring solution that would perform as the hardwood had, but would allow them to rest easier at night.

A modular Sport Court was THE solution. It’s the only athletic surface we offer where moisture is never an issue. Frozen leaks, steamy humidity, spilled drinks, standing water, moisture from a concrete slab? Not a problem. The loose-laid rubber underlayment, covered with a polypropylene modular surface, will be unaffected and ready for action long after the water has moved on. And the multi-use surface will provide a safe, high-performance athletic court for the weekly basketball leagues as well as a durable, easy-to-maintain floor for events and receptions. All while being water-worry free! A definite Win-Win!